This books is full of blasphemy: it is a meeting of a misunderstood person and a misunderstood philosophy. Osho is probably the most misunderstood guru and Tantra is misunderstood because on surface it looks shallow and ‘impure’. The first thing that I felt after finishing this book is that I would have lost out on some serious knowledge, insight and inspiration if I had listened to the popular opinion on Osho (‘sex guru’). It is lazy labeling. I wonder many people have ACTUALLY read his work in detail? Seriously, do you actually read stuff or parrot what others say?
This book requires a LOT of concentration but if you commit yourself to it, you will be a different human being. Tantra is extremely sophisticated and a highly intelligent philosophy. I always wondered about the violence that happens in our minds. Violence is not always physical. It is a crime to impose your will on others but why is it completely okay to impose your will on….YOURSELF? This might look like a stupid question. Why is it okay to curse yourself, abuse yourself and force yourself to do something? If I am jealous and I force my mind to not feel jealous, then am I being violent? And most importantly, am I being authentic? Will power is fine but isn’t the obsession with will power a subtle form of violence?

If I had to write about one thing that I learned from this book, it would be this: It is easy to love the world because you will get praise for it. You will get awards for your love of humanity. But the most difficult thing in this world is to love yourself. Because no one will praise you for loving yourself (of course,you don’t get praise for drinking water but you must drink it! Self-love is similar). Of course, this will be misunderstood (just like Osho and Tantra). There is a difference between self-obsession and self-love. Self obsession is torturing yourself for not doing things that you think you should be doing. All the violence in the world starts with violence towards oneself. Self-love is unconditional. Tantra is all about accepting yourself and others, unconditionally.

People might ask: Oh, so, if you murder someone, will you love yourself unconditionally? My answer: If I love myself unconditionally, I will never be in a situation where I would have to do such a thing. Because violence is mostly a result of lack of self-love.
P.S. Osho’s views on homosexuality (in this book) suck. But if you can ignore this view and read the whole book, you wouldn’t regret your decision.


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