When you are an introvert, you often get a little irritated with ‘yo, we gonna party hard’ and ‘Look, I’m so cool’ type of extroverts. And when such a flamboyant celebrity endorses fairness creams, you just can’t stand that person. But sometimes, you get at a tight slap on your face for labeling someone and being judgmental. Yes, fairness creams suck and I hate parties and ‘cool people’ but why reduce someone to only these labels? I wasn’t consciously trying to find great qualities in Virat Kohli. It is just that his commitment and passion speak louder than his swear words.

We often think that spirituality waits for us in Himalayas, but sometimes, it can be discovered in the most unexpected places.

It’s strange that the most mesmerizing thing about Virat Kohli is his eyes (yes, they are more attractive than his looks!). They are full of passion, ambition and you can see his desire to improve, to be the best; not for the accolades but for the sake of excellence. Most of us run away from challenges but this man loves them.

Virat Kohli is a perfect study of paradoxes in our lives.

The irony is that unlike his clothes, hairstyles and tattoos, his batting is quite conventional. His batting is not flashy like Virendra Sehwag or innovative like De Villiers. In an era of T20s, he is not overtly aggressive in his batting. He is on the cover of every youth magazine that talks about ‘fast cars and fast babes’ but his batting is quite balanced i.e. he is neither too aggressive nor too defensive. He looks like a spoilt brat but on the cricket field, he thrives on responsibility.

When Virat started out, he was not a genius like Sachin Tendulkar. I don’t think many people expected him to reach THIS far and to be THIS good. He was a decent cricketer. But what differentiated him from others (Who play one season of IPL, become heroes and then fade away) is his disgust for mediocrity. I am not an expert in Cricket but I personally feel that it is his passion that made him what he is, today. He is always angry but his batting flows like a river. The old philosophy of Tantra says that nothing is good or bad. You can use anything for self-improvement. Virat uses and embraces his anger to achieve peace.

It is a joy to watch him grow. People think that watching sports is a waste of time. But if you are passionate, you can learn valuable lessons from anyone.

During his teens, his dad expired and he had to bat in a Ranji Trophy match the next day. He could have skipped the match, but he played the next day and scored 90 odd runs. If this is not spiritual, then what is?


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