Wisdom is whole, not fragmented.

Wisdom is not melodrama. It is a calm voice. It is patient.

Wisdom is being a child and adult at the same time. Wisdom is clarity but it has plenty of room for confusion. Wisdom is mature but makes room for immaturity too. Wisdom makes you feel secure but is completely okay with insecure moments. Wisdom is enjoying the state of confusion, vulnerability,childishness etc.

Wisdom teaches you that “why” is as important than what, where, when, how etc. When you understand the “why” (intentions) behind the “what” (actions), you become empathetic.

Wisdom seeks to understand. It rarely takes sides but sometimes, it has to take a side. Even then, it doesn’t hate the other side.

Wisdom is neither for or against morality. It is a realization that morality is ultimately subjective and even if there is anything like objective morality, we won’t be able to know it.

Wisdom is not cynicism. It is not positive thinking. It is remaining optimistic while acknowledging the ugly and painful parts of life.

Wisdom is not ‘against’ anything i.e. it doesn’t resist. However, sometimes, you have to be against something. Hence in wisdom, you don’t resist resistance.

Wisdom is a marriage of head and heart. A wise person knows that power should be given to someone who doesn’t need it. Hence, wisdom appoints the heart as the leader. The head is not condemned, it is given its due credit.

Wisdom brings laughter into our lives. We realize that deep down, we all are hypocrites. Wisdom doesn’t condemn the ego. It embraces and has fun with the ego.

Wise people are not dominated by fear. Nor do they conquer fear and dominate it. They are friends with fear.

Wisdom is knowing that you don’t know much. Wisdom is embracing your lack of knowledge because mystery (the state of not knowing) makes life beautiful. It makes you realize the importance of learning and unlearning.

Wisdom is realizing that each human being (including you) is right and wrong at the same time.

Wisdom is understanding that life is full of paradoxes.

Wisdom is knowing that labeling is incomplete and futile. Each human being is evolving and to put him/her in a box is a great disservice to the universe.

Wisdom makes you realize that being compassionate is not just an emotional thing. It is actually the most intelligent thing that a human being can do.

Wisdom is embracing imperfection and still striving for excellence at something.

Wisdom is realizing that journey is as important as destination.

Wisdom is understanding the difference between passion and obsession.

Wisdom is rediscovering the joy of wonder. It is the ability to see the extraordinary in the ordinary things.

Wisdom is maintaining your individuality and existing in harmony with others at the same time.


4 thoughts on “Wisdom

  1. What an uplifting post, Sushmita! Thanks. I used to write like this when I was a better writer 🙂
    “A wise person knows that power should be given to someone who doesn’t need it. Hence, wisdom appoints the heart as the leader.” This stayed with me.. simple yet profound. I recently re-realized this lesson in my own life.. Where relationships are concerned, if you have every reason to be angry, don’t be. Listen to the one reason to not be angry- compassion. That’s entirely a heart thing, the mind will give you hundreds of arguments to the contrary. And it will be right too. But only one act brings peace and joy: Compassion. Easier said than done, but every reminder is a good thing.


    1. Hello, Shefali! Thanks a lot for the appreciation..it made my day 🙂

      I honestly feel that you should question your assumption that you *were* a better writer 🙂

      Compassion is indeed a powerful reason. There is always this tension between “Will he/she think that I’m a weak person?” and “Anger won’t solve the problem” because on surface the action of a weak person and a strong person is the same. But “why” matters. Are we calm because of fear or because of love/compassion?


  2. Well, my style changed.. let’s not say better or worse, but your writing made me feel it may have been former. I’m at a stage where compassion is still a selfish choice- because I simply don’t want to deal with anger or negative emotions if I can help it.. Of course thinking about how others will perceive my action is a pointless exercise in almost all situations.. but ‘thinking about others’ is a good thing. That would be real compassion, genenority perhaps is the right word. I’m far away from it yet..but it looks like a nice place to be, from afar.

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