The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.

– Albert Einstein

I read this quote many years ago but didn’t really take it seriously. However, I am slowly realizing the significance of this quote. It looks like just another quote but it is just brilliant. Every decision we make, right from the ‘big’ decisions like choosing our partner, choosing a profession, to ‘small’ decisions like helping that old lady cross the road, smiling at a stranger etc depends on the answer to this one question: Is this a friendly universe?

Let’s say that your answer to this question is, “No.” What will you do?

1. You might give up on your dreams.Your heart may say something but you might suppress it because you feel that the universe won’t support you.

2. You will look at your fellow human beings as your competitors. You might even hate few people because you feel that the universe is friendly to only few people. Result: stress, hatred, envy, grudges etc.

3. You might compromise on your values.

4. You will never feel at home.

5. You might think twice before giving anything to anybody.

6. You will put up with injustice because you are afraid of taking a stand.

7. You might teach this to your children and if they follow this, there will be a generation of unhappy people.

8. You will accumulate regret because the fear of a hostile universe will never let you risk anything. In a way, you are dead but not alive even though you are technically alive.You might even worry about what the hostile universe will do after your death: will you go to hell? What will happen to you there?

9. You will always fight and discourage people whose answer to this question is ‘yes’ because deep down, you are afraid that their answer has some truth and your entire life is based on something that may not be true.

10. You will suffer from inner turmoil because your conclusion that the universe is hostile is based on other people’s opinions. You didn’t experiment or question this thought that others gave you. You lived a second-hand life.

In a way, our belief about the universe becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

What is your answer to this question?


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