We all behave as if we can control most of the things in this world. We can control land, criminals, men, women, children, animals etc. We can even control Gods by bribing them.

All our systems are built on this assumption. There is no doubt that we can control a lot of the things in the world. But let’s look at this deeply: As you are reading this, what are the other things that are going on in your mind? Are you thinking about your future? Are you thinking about the receptionist who was mean to you? Or your spouse? If you are angry or upset about someone’s behavior then you are sort of trying to control that person’s behavior (not directly of course). But the anger or sadness is not just coming from the other person, it is also coming from the fact that you are unable to control your reaction to that person’s behavior.

Somebody says something very nasty about a particular religion.Now, religions talk a lot about self-control but many religious fanatics beat up those who hurt their sentiments! Some ‘sadhus’ get so angry that they curse normal people! Look at the irony: your whole philosophy is based on self-control…you want people to exercise self-control but if someone says anything against your beliefs, you forget all about self-control!

All those people who are obsessed with power over people basically want to control others. But if you can control and do ANYTHING you want (which is what unlimited power is all about), then why cannot you control the thought that you have to control others to be in control? In other words, if you are obsessed with control (whether it is control over yourself or others), you are giving up your control to a thought (that you need to control)!

The sad fact of humanity is that we cannot control the thoughts in our head. We cannot control our own behavior. Hence, we want to control the behavior of millions of strangers. Is that power or powerlessness?


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