In my country, a lot of people are obsessed with fair skin. It is quite common for people to make fun of dark skinned people. There are plenty of advertisements, film dialogues, etc about the superiority of fair skin. There is even a song with lyrics that goes like this: “We might be dark-skinned, but we have a good heart!” Many celebrities endorse fairness creams. This discrimination exists in other countries too.

There was something interesting that happened in my college days. At that time, Akon came out with his single called ‘Lonely.’ My friend, who happens to be fair skinned and who thinks that fair-skin is superior, was quite impressed by that song. It was quite interesting because if you really hate dark-skin, why would you admit that a song by a dark-skinned rapper is good? You might enjoy it secretly of course, but she said it publicly without any kind of shame (which is attached to anything inferior)! After some years, I happened to meet another person who was very ‘proud’ of her fair skin but she loved Will Smith. These patterns keep repeating. And they are not just about dark skin.

In my country, English is superior to the national language and all other local languages. It is quite interesting: when an American comes to India and has problem in speaking Hindi (popular Indian language), people will call him/her ‘cute.’ But if an Indian has a problem speaking English, people will mock him/her!

People might make fun of an ugly person but if that ugly person happens to be from a country that is economically and politically superior to their country, they will think twice before insulting him/her.

There are some ‘normal’ people who don’t accept differently abled people. But people don’t have a problem with Stephen Hawking’s disability as he is a genius!

It’s not just about fair skin or language or looks or talent. There are plenty of talented actors but why do people want to associate with only a few film actors? There are many beautiful people but people will only pay attention to beautiful people who are famous. There are many rich businessmen in my country but a ‘foreign’ businessman will be always considered superior EVEN if both the guys have equal amount of money. Akon’s song was cool because it was American. What people are actually attracted to is power. Associating ourselves with the powerful makes us feel secure.


One thought on “What people actually want…

  1. Ironic. Most people in the States are always wanting tan, darker skin. Fair skinned redheads get made fun of and get picked on a lot. There is ignorance every where, in every country.

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