Note: Being a perfectionist is not necessarily a bad thing. In this post, I’m talking about an obsessive need to be perfect.

Perfection is all about fear. Self-improvement is about love.

Perfection is about results. Self-improvement is about enjoying the journey, giving your best and understanding if you are unable to do so.

Perfection is neurotic and violent. Self-improvement is compassionate, healthy and makes you whole.

Perfection is all about what you can take from the world. Self-improvement is a gift that you give to the world.

Perfection is about frustration and blame game. It asks the world to change. Self-improvement is about taking responsibility of self and being the change that you want to see in the world.

Perfection stems from ego. Self-improvement stems from self-respect and self-love.

Perfection is ultimately about you, you and only you. Self- improvement is about you as well but it is ultimately for others.

The irony of perfection is that you are secretly afraid of it: what if everything is perfect? Won’t you get bored? Will there be anything meaning and motivation in life? In case of self-improvement, you try to understand fear.

Self-improvement is inclusive. Perfection excludes people under the pretext of ‘objective’ standards which are actually subjective.

Perfection is a tool for dominating yourself and others. Self-improvement is a tool for connecting with others and expressing your gratitude to them.

Perfection originates from pain and perpetuates pain. It is all about attaining happiness by changing the external world. Self-improvement is merely expressing the happiness that is already within you.

Perfection divides people while self-improvement unites them.

Perfection will never let you be content. It is always about the past or the future. Self-improvement makes you realize that contentment and improvement are not against each other. In fact, the only way you can improve is by finding a way to be happy in the present which can in turn give you the necessary fuel to get better in the future because the future is nothing but the result of habits that we have in the present.

Those who seek perfection are the gossipers of the world, the people who keep judging everyone around them, the people who keep complaining about things. Those who seek self-improvement make the world a better place.


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