When we see a drug addict, we immediately make judgments about how ‘sick’ he/she is, how bad his/her self-control is, how messy he/she is etc. Schizophrenia, autism etc are all serious mental disorders but there are certain behaviors of ‘normal’ people that are not clinically diagnosed as disorders but can be definitely called sick.

In a way, we all are schizophrenic because what we call ‘reality’ is constructed by us on the basis of half-knowledge. We also make up ‘imaginary’ scenarios in our head and get obsessed with them: What if something bad happens? What if I go bankrupt? While these fears are justified, we have actually built our society on obsession! Most human beings are doing what they are doing because they have extreme kind of fear about bankruptcy, death etc.

We are also obsessed with being busy to the point that anybody doing things at a slow pace is considered abnormal. We are so afraid of doing nothing that we do EVERYTHING we can to keep ourselves occupied. An idle mind is devil’s workshop…but isn’t obsession with busyness equally dangerous?

Isn’t it funny that we criticize alcoholics but being obsessed with work or money or perfection or a person is socially acceptable?

It is ‘abnormal’ to be obsessed with cleanliness but it is normal to be obsessed about your version of moral cleanliness.

Addiction to drugs is abnormal but what about addiction to people, social media, people-pleasing etc?

It is ‘abnormal’ to go wild and lose control but it is completely acceptable to obsessively try and control everything in life (which is what most normal people try to do).

Bribing is not sickness. Apathy towards rape victims is not sickness. Normal people try their best to stay away from any kind of sickness but they are so ashamed of anything abnormal that one might even say that this itself is a form of sickness.

We as a society have made certain sicknesses ‘cool’ and anyone who doesn’t want to be sick this way are termed ‘sick’!


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