There is a home-schooling and unschooling revolution these days. There are many other revolutions that go against the norms in different areas like alternate form of spirituality, alternate health therapies, alternative lifestyles etc. It takes guts to challenge “normal” things but many people who take “unconventional” routes say that they “hate” these conventional routes. That is alright but I honestly feel that they are missing something deeper because of their labels.

This is my opinion and I could be wrong but in every conventional organization, in every fucked up system, there will be atleast one person who will be unconventional. I remember a professor of mine who taught Finance and Accounts which are honestly boring subjects for almost everybody in the class. But the way he taught it was so unconventional and so entertaining that all students looked forward to his lectures! He NEVER smiled and had a poker-face and this made the lectures even more funnier. This is one example of a person who is part of a system (and trust me, we have a fucked up system of schooling and college) and still does things on his own terms. It requires extraordinary amount of conviction and intelligence to do something like this. Do you remember your school teachers? Can you remember atleast one teacher who inspired you to think differently?

“Times of India” is an Indian newspaper which is more famous for advertisements, celebrity gossip, disgusting journalism, etc. And you would be shocked to know that one of the greatest cartoonists of India, R.K. Laxman used to work for this newspaper. There is also another great journalist named P.Sainath who wrote for the Times! These people are HIGHLY opinionated and idealistic who don’t mince their words AT ALL! They work on their own terms. These¬†people worked for the most ‘sold your soul for money’ type of newspaper out there and this is a miracle!

I am personally a huge fan of unschooling and other alternate stuff but if you look closely, even those who are conventionally successful are unconventional in many ways. In fact I feel that to sustain success, you have to be unconventional. Sportsmen and sportswomen are in the conventional arena but to attain excellence they have to work their asses off. They cannot eat anything and everything. They keep on practicing and there is absolutely no guarantee that they will succeed. They might collect a lot of “things” after their success but they have to be minimalistic (which is not COMPLETELY mainstream..atleast in the place I live in) when it comes to their goals! Is this conventional?

You don’t have to quit your job and become an entrepreneur to be unconventional. Look around your workplace. Is there a person who doesn’t quite fit into your organization’s standards and YET is tolerated because of his/her brilliance? Remember Dr. House :P? I personally am trying to find unconventional elements in all the “movies for the masses.”

I feel it’s better to drop the labels of conventional and unconventional because nothing is purely conventional. Once we start noticing the quiet rebellions, we will be pleasantly surprised and inspired.


3 thoughts on “The unconventional in the conventional

  1. Loved this one, because it deals with something I have pondered and struggled with for a long time. And my conclusion is this. It is easy to be ‘uncoventional’ in the commonly understood sense: quit your job, walk out of a marriage, state your opinion no matter what the environment and the consequences… but it is a form of escapism. Because then one is basically saying, “This world is not good enough for me. I am just going to shut myself off from you, real world.” What is truly remarkable, in my opinion, is when you continue to live in, and actively interact with the real world, and maintain your authenticity. That’s when one is being truly brave, truly testing one’s convictions, and truly discovering who they actually are- not what they think in their head, but how their actions in the real world show them to be. You’ve hit the nail on the head!

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    1. Absolutely! I think human beings are very ‘visible’ creatures. We tend to count those acts as ‘unconventional’ and ‘compassionate’ that are clearly ‘visible.’ Ironically, stereotyping what is ‘unconventional’ is a conventional way of looking at things :D.


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