Imagine a state where you are looking at a tree and the tree and you and are no longer separate entities. Technically you aren’t separate from it because the way you look at the tree is colored by many things and what you are observing is actually yourself, but I’m talking about something more deeper: What if your realization is not just an intellectual but something very natural?

Imagine a state where everything you have been taught by the society and your own deceptions like time and space are dissolved.

Imagine a state where you are no longer defined by the past: not just your past which includes your story, events but the entire past of humanity: our collective beliefs, our definitions etc. Even though we are living in the 21st century, our bodies and our minds contain imprints of early stages of evolution.

Imagine a state where you don’t just question normal everyday beliefs but also all the spiritual beliefs that have influenced the mankind.

Imagine a person who takes complete responsibility of knowing the truth (if there is any) and knowing himself.

U.G. Krishnamurthi’s ideas are radical and to be honest, they are sometimes contradictory. He says that there is nothing like enlightenment. He criticizes every spiritual leader in the history of mankind: he says that Jesus, Buddha etc were crackpots. He says that Jiddu Krishnamurthi is a bufoon and a hoax. He also criticizes psychologists like Sigmund Freud. He questions almost every piece of knowledge that human beings have discovered, saying that, the person who is acquiring the knowledge is AS IMPORTANT as the knowledge himself. One cannot separate the knower from the known.

I do not agree with everything he says. I felt as if he is also a victim of the same bias that he is accusing others of (for example: he criticizes spiritual leaders for dividing life as spiritual and material but he himself divides nature and man). It is funny when he criticizes Jiddu because his ideas are quite similar to him. Jiddu always talked about the division between the observer and the observed and U.G.’s ideas are built on the same foundation. He criticizes Buddha and Hinduism but ironically, he concludes that there is no ‘self’ (Buddha said the same) and that there is no duality (Advaita!). Maybe what he meant was that he stumbled upon these truths on his own, not because of any authority and that is what every human being should do. I personally, believe in both: I learn from others but try not to be overawed by those who know more than me. One might dismiss him as a old man who is still stuck in teenage but he says that he is not trying to destroy others, he is actually trying to destroy his own ideas. He says that he wants to destroy what we are going to interpret from his words.

I felt quite depressed after finishing this book because he destroys every thought that human beings ever had. And to be very honest, I would be lying if I said that I could COMPLETELY grasp what he wanted to say. But from whatever I understood, I can just say that he was an interesting person. If you are looking for a book to challenge your beliefs, this could be a good read.


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