I woke upto this shocking news about corrective rape. Some parents use rape to ‘correct’ and ‘cure’ their homosexual children. Usually, they appoint a family member to have sexual intercourse with the homosexual person against his/her will so that he/she understands that heterosexuality is the only acceptable form of sexuality. This practice is quite popular in South Africa and now, incidents like these are being reported in India.

Homosexuality is a crime in India and it is very common for parents to force their homosexual kids to get married to a heterosexual person. Even heterosexual love marriages are stressful because parents just want to dictate terms.

Ask any parent who is involved in anything like the above and they will tell you that they did it because of ‘love’ or because they wanted the best for their children. It seems more like an obsession with power that comes from controlling your children, fear of alienation because of the stigma around homosexuality and the need to prove that your opinion is right. These people are convinced that they know the objective truth about sexuality and the universe. And this is where all the problems begin. When you are overtly-attached to your version of truth (which you call THE truth), you will go to any lengths to prove that you are right. I have a question for these people: If you think that homosexuality is a sin and that God will not accept it, why don’t you leave the ‘punishment’ to God? Why do you appoint yourself as a custodian of culture or moral police? Let your God settle the matters. Or are you afraid that there is no God? Or are you afraid of losing the brownie points which you can get by ‘punishing’ sinners?

Why do we want to control the behavior of those around us? Is it because we cannot control our own mind, our own desires, our own thoughts etc? We are given ideals by the society: ideal man who conquers everything, ideal woman who is subservient, ideal child who always does what her parents ask her to, ideal sexuality, ideal husband, ideal wife, ideal employee and the ultimate ideal for some is the ideal devotee. The pattern is something like this: you are not good enough but if you work hard, someday, you can get my love. This starts from childhood where our parents put conditions. It’s not wrong to have preferences but thinking that these preferences are the ultimate truth is beginning of violence. I personally have seen family members who are more than 50 years of age but are STILL working hard to impress their parents! They are so desperate for love and attention that they are even ready to do unethical things like bribing .. just to make their parents happy. They create the same pattern in their children and then a chain is created. Everything comes down to this desire to feel worthy. But can we find this sense of worth from outside? I am not sure.

P.S. If you want to help in raising awareness regarding corrective rapes in India, you can contribute to this filmmaker who is making a film on this subject.


7 thoughts on “Corrective rape to cure homosexuals?!

  1. This news is far more disturbing than the subject at hand. Luckily my country is finally starting to understand and not fear sexuality as some kind of defect or threat to society. A person’s sexuality should be no one else’s business. People are free to love who they want. The most religious and traditional of our population still oppose, but those are nothing more than opinions. The idea of corrective rape is beyond absurd, and will change nothing, if not draw a person deeper inside themselves and spiteful toward a community that already hates them. Very sad.


    1. I feel that your country has very strong laws. Only laws cannot wipe away hatred but it will atleast stop crimes at a physical level. My country doesn’t have that. Having said that, there have been cases where people from the most conservative religious set-up have supported LGBT people. Things are getting better in the urban areas. I guess, with time, people’s perceptions will change.

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      1. That is good to hear. And you are very right, laws do not wipe away the hatred, and there is plenty of that here too. For sure. My daughter has a girlfriend, they are 16. Her father kicked her out and left her homeless or with her alcoholic mother for being with my daughter. It’s all very sad. I hope things get better.


      2. Damn! Can’t imagine how painful it must be for that girl, your daughter, yourself and everybody involved. It hurts when a parent’s beliefs are more important than the happiness of his child. I hope everything gets better! Prayers!

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  2. Beautifully written and thought-provoking article on such a shocking subject. Thank you for sharing it with the world. I had no idea parents in any culture used this form of ‘discipline’…so cruel…and not even effective. I have been having some interesting conversations on facebook since the US passed the same-sex marriage laws. People in that so-called civilized culture are absolutely polarized over this issue and the fundamental religious people are so full of hate an vitriol. As you point out…they are so sure their version of the truth is absolute and go to all sorts of lengths to prove it. A number of pastors threatened to set themselves on fire if the law was passed…but it seems they chickened out after the event itself. We have people here in Australia who are threatening to get divorced if we pass the same-sex marriage laws here. It just makes no sense at all. Unfortunately, our government is extremely bigoted and our prime minister is 100% against same-sex marriage, despite his own sister being gay.

    You ask why people have this need to control…and is it because they aren’t in control of their own thoughts etc. Well, yes. I believe that’s what most psychologists agree on, and has certainly been my own understanding from my research and also from my personal experience. People are sometimes so frightened of their own chaotic ‘self’ that it makes them feel safe to try and control the outer environment, including other people, instead.


    1. It is really sad that your government thinks like this. The irony is that all religions preach unconditional love but the moment they come across anything that makes them inconvenient, their love becomes conditional. I guess it all comes down to preserving your ego. If it is proved that homosexuality is not a sin, their whole belief system will be shattered. This is not good for survival. So eventually, it is about the fear of death. Thank you for sharing your country’s stance on this issue..I was not aware of this!


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