Giving is a choice. Sacrificing is something you do because of fear or because you feel that there is no choice. Giving comes from an abundant mindset while sacrificing comes from a scarcity mindset.

When you receive while giving itself, you feel happy. If you do not receive while giving, you call it sacrifice. Sacrificing is taking disguised as giving. Those who are honest with themselves know that their ‘sacrifices’ are ultimately for themselves. Some people say that they did what they did for somebody else and THEN, demand something in return. They call it giving. This logic is absurd.

Examples of giving include doing something you are very passionate about. In this case, you give your time, attention, energy to the task and you receive happiness while giving itself. Those who don’t get happiness while doing the task will be more concerned about praise or anything that they can get in return for doing a boring job. For example: reading a book because you love the subject v/s reading it to boost your social status. Giving to other people works on the same principle. You might share your knowledge with your junior because you love teaching, nurturing or just sharing knowledge. When you start thinking about favors, it becomes a sacrifice.

Sacrificing creates a hierarchy. You feel superior to the one who has not sacrificed. You think that the other person needs your sacrifice. Giving thinks in terms of gratitude. YOU need the other person to share your gifts. Sacrifice always divides people. If you enjoy giving, then technically, you become the receiver and the receiver becomes the giver! You both are one and in a way, you both lose your selves.

The most unfortunate thing in this world is that we are not taught about giving. Giving is AS natural and AS essential as receiving. It’s like inhaling and exhaling…you cannot say that one of them is less or more important! We are taught how to demand, take and receive but we are never taught how to give! That’s why we choke and suffocate. The irony is that even to receive more, you have to give more! Sacrificing on the other hand is completely unnatural. You do something you do not like with an expectation that this effort will give you some reward in the future. But the future never really matches our expectations. The more you sacrifice, the more unrealistic your expectations from others. That’s why giving gives YOU peace and sacrificing gives YOU stress.

Give and take is the law of the universe. But as I said above, most people ‘give’ (sacrifice) in the present and wait for future rewards. Only those who know how to be happy in the present can truly give.

Giving doesn’t depend on what you have. It depends on who you are.

If giving doesn’t make you happy then no matter what you receive, you won’t be really satisfied.


3 thoughts on “Giving v/s Sacrificing

  1. How perceptive, yet again! I wasn’t sure I agreed to begin with, but the more I read, the more fervently I agreed 🙂 For some reason I kept thinking of parenting while reading this. My own parents fortunately fall in the ‘giving’ category, but I have closely seen others who feel parenting and putting their children’s interests first was an investment, and they are entitled to something in the future. And true enough, when they do get something in the future, it is never enough.. because the feeling of having ‘given up’ so much makes them bitter. If ‘giving’ is making one bitter, it’s perhaps better to not give at all than give grudgingly. True for all relationships.

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    1. I guess, all giving starts with yourself. Isn’t it funny that we think we are giving to ourselves but in reality we want to ‘take’ from ourselves as well? We constantly compare ourselves to ‘better’ people and we ‘demand’ better things from ourselves! We don’t care if we don’t enjoy all this…but we do it nonetheless. We call all this giving! When we are unable to give to ourselves, we end up demanding things from children.


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