Sometimes, you are stuck at a place where nothing interests you. Your mind is not ready to think of something interesting either. When something like this happens, I either meditate or just look for something to read. I was finding it difficult to do the former (as usual :P). Since this place was built by ISKCON, there were 2 to 3 books by the organization. ISKCON is something I always avoid because…well, check this out. Now, I hate to label anything and be close minded but there’s something about ISKCON! It never fails to irritate me! This book that I picked up was ‘The Laws of Nature: An infallible justice’ by the founder, Swami Prabhupada. Basically, it is about Karma and how you will be punished for your sins. Maybe it is just me who doesn’t have the ability to see the beauty of see this but really, this is too much. I will write down some gems from this book (these are not the exact quotes). Actually, stuff like this is in ‘Srimad Bhagavatam’ which some ancient Hindu scripture.

  1. If you indulge in sex for reasons besides reproduction, you are a degraded animal and a sinner.
  2. If you are too much into sensual pleasures, dogs will bite you and you will be whipped in hell.
  3. If you eat non-veg food, you would have to eat your own flesh in hell (I don’t eat non-veg food but I find it hard to digest this!).
  4. Please God or else you will suffer in hell as well as your next life.

As a child, I always felt that the universe is compassionate and benevolent. As an adult, I feel that the universe is neutral: it depends on how we look at it. And we are not separate from the universe!

What is the point of worrying about things that may or may not happen after death? Like somebody said, when you are scared, you are ALREADY in hell! These people know that human beings will never live in the present, so they always talk about future!

They say that God is like a parent. The joy of parenting lies in watching the learning process of the child. We despise flaws in adults but when it comes to children, we find them cute. This is the beauty of childhood! How come God, who is our parent, so insensitive towards his children?

Let’s say that you are a teacher and you have a student who doesn’t understand a particular concept. She tries really hard but she just doesn’t get it. Is it her fault? You might say that she doesn’t get it because she doesn’t work question is…why doesn’t she work hard? Somewhere, you are also responsible, right? God is also like a teacher and human beings are like students. We don’t have complete knowledge and yet, we are expected to be perfect!

There was a time when I believed in heaven and hell. But one fine day, I just decided to chuck out all this from my life. I don’t know if all of the above is true. EVEN if it is true I refuse to live my life in guilt and fear. It sounds like bullying to me. I’m not afraid of hell. If I have to go to hell, I will. I will commit sins, I will make mistakes and I will face the consequences in THIS life itself. People harm each other because they don’t live their life to the fullest. When you shame people for sexual desires, you actually create hypocrites and in turn, you contribute to crimes against women. In a way, these ‘spiritual’ people create criminals and then judge them for it!

When you say, “Don’t do this,” you actually create curiosity! You don’t understand that human beings are rebellious. Our minds always want to see and read things that are banned, go to places where we are not allowed. Instead of using these fear tactics, these religions need to find something more innovative.

Prabhupada and many other spiritual leaders talk a lot about how ‘superior’ human beings are. They even say that animals are lower and cheap. Most religions think that the universe exists only for human beings! In this book, Prabhupada says that cow produces a lot of milk and it must share the extra milk with human beings because they are advanced. I guess arrogance and self-obsession are not counted as sins in the ‘holy’ scriptures! Otherwise, Mr. Prabhupada wouldn’t have ‘milked’ so much of wealth from interpreting (or maybe misinterpreting) scriptures!


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