Few years back, my friend and I were discussing about our dreams. He said something that has stayed with me till now: “I don’t believe in going after things. I wait for things to come to me.” I was very restless back then (probably still am) and I thought that he was a lazy person who was not passionate enough to make things happen. Even though I hated his laid-back attitude, I intuitively felt that what he said had a deeper meaning than what I had comprehended.

I have written a lot about how waiting for a perfect moment is a trap of the ego. However, there are times when things are close to ‘perfection’. In these moments, everything flows effortlessly. There is no resistance. There is absolutely nothing that YOU have to do. Does a flower make any ‘effort’ to bloom? Does the Sun make an effort to rise? The bird sings because that is what comes naturally to her! A child doesn’t make an effort to be curious. Now, I don’t want to make the mistake of separating human beings and nature (we are also nature, right?) but being in harmony with the universe is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world.

If you can be patient and if you are one of those people who trust the universe, there will be a time where things will come to you. Everything just falls into place. If you analyze the process, you will be in awe of the almost ‘perfect’ timing, design and execution of the universe. Sometimes, it comes to you unexpectedly.

My personal opinion about this is that our subconscious mind is way more intelligent than our conscious mind. Unfortunately, we are taught to wage wars against it when in reality, all we have to do is co-operate and trust it. Whenever you want to do something and you are unable to do it, it means that there is a subconscious block. No matter how hard we try, we cannot do it because subconscious is 10 times more powerful than our conscious mind. Instead of cursing ourselves for not having enough will power, we need to be patient and back our subconscious mind.

Does it mean that we just wait for things to come to us and do nothing? No! What it means is that you do your best within the given circumstances. Don’t go overboard with comparing your ‘effort’ with the ideal effort. If you are unable to exercise for 1 hour just start with 5 minutes. Just do what you can with what you have. When we get too obsessed with the result we become impatient. Instead, if we do our job and leave the rest to the subconscious mind, everything will work out eventually.

How do you know if you are in that natural flow? Well, usually, there is a chain of good things that happen one after the other and you will be at ease. You won’t feel the need to be aggressive. On the other hand, when something is forced, there is frustration with both yourself as well as others. Unfortunately, when things start happening in a flow and you notice it, your conscious mind starts thinking that all this is too good to be true. In my country, it is very common for people to say, “Please don’t say that everything is going so well. If we talk a lot about this, everything might fall apart!”

When you obsessively chase something, you are saying that you don’t trust yourself and the universe (If you KNOW that what you want will come to you eventually, why would you be so restless?). Hence, things move away from you. Why? Ask yourself this question: What would you think of a person who says that he trusts you but keeps a ‘check’ on almost everything you do? The words and the actions just don’t match!

It reminds me of a wonderful quote that I heard: Make yourself so strong and worthy that before writing destiny, God himself will ask you, “Tell me, what is your wish?”

You have demonstrated so much of commitment and passion that the universe is compelled to give you what you want. Not out of force but because of your sincerity and love. Many bosses instill fear in their employees and think that this is the way to get work done. It only works at a superficial level. If you really want someone to change, then the best way to do it is to bring a change in yourself and inspire them.

Sometimes, we have to go after things and sometimes, it is better to let things come to you. Ideally, a balance between the two is the key to fulfilling our dreams.


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