Note: Before putting your point across your parents/someone else’s parents, do remember that hating people is not a great idea. There are a thousand reasons why people behave the way they do. Stand up for yourself but do it with empathy and compassion. They are not your enemies!

Let’s start with the number one belief of Indian parenting: Many Indian Parents say that parents must be treated like God. I have absolutely no problem with respecting parents but worshiping? Sorry, I guess I’m not an ideal Indian child. The last time I checked the meaning of a ‘good child’ in Indian culture, it was doing exactly what elders ask you to, without asking any questions. This is problematic. How do we argue with people who impose this belief on you? Below is my not-so-expert advice :P. My qualifications? I’m doing this since ages and I have survived (atleast till now). No, I do not hate my parents. I just don’t think that any human should be worshiped like God. Even God shouldn’t be worshiped like God but that’s another discussion. In the conversation below, ‘someone’ is an Indian Parent or anyone who feels that parents must be worshiped.

Someone: Parents are God.

Me: Why?

Someone: They created me. I’m alive because of them. Hence, they are God.

Me: So creating life and ensuring that their creation survives in the best possible environment equals God and that’s why your parents are God for you.

Someone: Yes. These days, people follow wrong path and destroy Indian culture. Worshiping your parents like God is Indian Culture! And Parents make great judgement about things..

Me: Do you hate the corrupt Indian politicians like Kalmadi?

Someone: Yes,of course…

Me: So the children of these politicians should worship them as God? They use tax-payers money to give luxury to their kids.. BUT they create life and ensure that their creation survives in the best possible environment..

Someone: No…they are wrong..people who do wrong things cannot be God!

Me: But you said that parents have great judgement about things..So all parents are not God..

Someone: You can say that I suppose…

Me: You said, “Parents are God because they create life and ensure that their creation survives in the best possible environment “..and now you say that not all parents are God. That is contradictory. It means that parents have to do something else besides creating life and ensuring that their kids survive in the best possible environment…right?

Someone: Well..

Me: So Kalmadi’s Son should not worship his father as God…right?

Someone: No…he should worship someone else…otherwise, he will spread corruption..

Me: So if Kalmadi’s son worships some other parents, you will appreciate him?

Someone: Absolutely…what a great boy he would be..

Me: So some children have the ability to distinguish between good and bad?

Someone: Yes…

Me: Earlier you said that parents have great judgement about, you are saying that a kid can be better at judgement than parents…that means some kids have better judgement than parents!

Someone: What?? No..wait…

Me: You said that Kalmadi’s son should worship someone else…that means if there’s someone better than your parents, you should worship him…

Someone: Well….yes….

Me: So you think that there’s no one better than your parents?

Someone: Well…there must be someone better..

Me: So isn’t it arrogance to think that your parents are perfect i.e. the best in the world (God)? If people start believing this, I guess, we will never improve as a society!! If your parents protest against this statement, they are not yet perfect yet. You know why? Those who are perfect won’t get angry if people call them imperfect :P.


9 thoughts on “How to argue with Indian Parents: A survival guide

  1. Very true. You are actually not allowed to question your parents’ judgment else they treat it as an affront. While you are just trying to point out lack of logic in some point they make but they have to always see it as questioning their intelligence. And they have serious issues with giving the child his or her space. They just consider the child’s space an extension of theirs and thus something that they can control. Sometimes talking to them can be pure mayhem.


    1. Yes! ‘Space’ is something that most Indian parents don’t really understand. It is assumed that needing your own space is selfish. However, the need to control others is not seen as selfishness!


    1. Hi! I think there is a mistake here..I’m not the person you are looking for. I was about to delete your comment but I’m replying so that you find the right person.

      P.S. I speak Telugu too and that’s why I understood what you are saying.


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