Psychology has become an integral part of modern life. Families, corporates, sportspersons, celebrities and many others have integrated Psychology (and Psychiatry, counseling etc) into their lives. It has come a long way from being considered a luxury to becoming an absolute necessity. However, Psychology is not free from prejudices.

The major problem with Psychology is that it divides life into fragments even though life is whole. Now, I know I’m exaggerating here. There is plenty of evidence that Psychology has tried to integrate a human being’s emotional, social and professional life and it has succeeded to a great extent. However, there is a lack of interconnectedness between psychology and other areas of Science (once again, I might be exaggerating but the status quo leaves much to be desired). For example: Body and the mind are interconnected but when you go to a gynecologist, he/she won’t think much about your psychological problem. Of course, physicians say that you can get Diabetes because of stress but it’s assumed that body and mind are not deeply connected.

The other problem with Psychology and Psychiatry is that they often treat symptoms not the root causes. I read this somewhere: Doctors say that chemical imbalance causes depression but what if, it is depression that causes the chemical imbalance? In that case, aren’t you treating the symptoms through medicines?

Psychology ignores human being’s spiritual needs. Your existential crisis might be ‘depression’ for Psychology and it is right to a large extent BUT it is only half truth. Human beings have an innate desire to find out who they are, where they come from and if they are alone. Psychology, because it is Science, dismisses anything that doesn’t fit into its framework. Science has a major prejudice: it thinks there is an objective reality that is separate from the one who is observing it but how can we separate ourselves from the universe? Of course, scientists have recognized this problem and have termed it the observer bias. But the followers of Science blindly follow it.

Another problem with Psychology is that sometimes, the disorders becomes labels and those labels suffocate people.

But on the brighter side, Psychology has given an amazing gift to mankind. When my parents were growing up, it was common for people to hit their children. If anybody was depressed, people asked him/her to just “use willpower” and overcome the pain! Because of Psychology, people are now understanding that even mind has its limits! Everything cannot be conquered by willpower. A child, who is unable to concentrate, is not always stubborn and disobedient. Maybe he has a problem with paying attention. The girl who doesn’t interact with people might not be arrogant. Maybe, she is suffering from Social Anxiety Disorder. It was very common in my grandmother’s times for men to shout at women. Women were expected to just “get over it” because emotions were not important. We will be forever indebted to Psychology for saving us from mental/verbal/ emotional violence. It has taught us the importance of self-love.

Psychology has been both a boon and a curse. It depends on how we use this knowledge to make our lives better.


3 thoughts on “Psychology: Boon or a curse?

  1. I have asked the same question you’ve asked many times…ie does the chemical imbalance cause the depression (or anxiety, or mania etc), or is it the other way around. Given that we know our brains undergo chemical and even structural changes in response to events, especially traumatic events, it’s a question that needs to be looked at more closely. We are spiritual and emotional being living out our lives in a physical body, in a physical world. The interaction is bound to be extremely complex. Love your site and it’s musings.


    1. I was researching about emotional abuse in the morning and here I am, reading your blog because of your comment here :O. Amazing coincidence! Your blog will help me a lot! Thanks!


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