Textbooks are considered to be one of the ‘safest’ things in the world. But the irony here is that most of the stuff in the textbooks is about people who didn’t really follow any tried and test formulas! Consider this: many students read poems of Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson in their English textbooks but these poets were rebels! Walt Whitman was a free spirit who didn’t give a damn about established rules of literature. Emily Dickinson was bit of a recluse. I don’t want to make this a stereotype to prove my point but isn’t it interesting that knowledge, which is considered to be a security, was discovered by people who approached life as an adventure?

Technically, more knowledge should lead to more happiness. But today, despite so much research and discoveries, things haven’t really changed. We are still afraid.

I was thinking about my parents and their approach to life. They believe in being secure: I cannot think of any decision of theirs that wasn’t carefully planned and calculated. Despite so much of caution, they have a child like me :P. I’m not saying that I don’t care about security but it seems that almost everything that I do or want to do is a threat to my parents’ safe haven. What does that say about life? No matter how much you try, you cannot avoid insecurity! You might have a cushy job, safe house and everything else, but life is smarter than you. You can delay pain or insecurity but eventually life will catch you. You can get married to someone you do not love to preserve your reputation but there is no guarantee that your reputation wouldn’t be threatened in the future. It is amazing how people ignore the obvious: Why can’t they see that despite ALL their efforts to feel secure, they always end up feeling insecure?

Some people say that they need to have a minimum amount of security to feel alright. But once you achieve this minimum target, it becomes normal. After sometime, the feeling of insecurity comes back and you want to get something else to feel secure. If you cannot deal with insecurity right now, most probably, you will NEVER feel secure in the future.

The obsession with security is against the law of nature. In nature, everything is temporary. Success, failure, pleasure, pain: All are temporary. We only remember one part of the equation: when things are tough, we forget that pain is temporary and when things are going great, we suddenly remember that pleasure is temporary but we forget that even pain is temporary. In the end, everything is nullified. Security is the desire to make temporary things, permanent. The need for security is the need to control, to make things predictable. Some people think that by not getting out of the house, they can avoid danger. But that’s not a solution because it is based on an assumption that your home is safe. You can stay at your house to avoid danger but someday, an earthquake can destroy your home. You cannot shut doors to insecurity. Besides, we are also afraid of 100 percent security because 100 percent security is only possible when we know everything about future and if we know EVERYTHING that will happen in future, what’s the point of living life? Isn’t it better to find a way to respect and embrace insecurity?


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