I find most comedy shows offensive. Maybe I don’t have a sense of humor or maybe I’m hyper-sensitive but I just don’t like the jokes that are cracked in most mainstream comedy shows. There is this popular Indian comedy show (Comedy nights with Kapil) where cross dressing is considered funny, where misogyny is shoved down people’s throats in the name of humor, where there are homophobic and transphobic jokes. It is also very common for people to crack rape jokes. You can call me whatever but I honestly think that rape jokes are NOT funny. Talking casually about rape is not something that we can afford (however, I don’t support any ban). In short, most comedians wrap their jokes in prejudices. However, there are few people who are sensitive AND funny.

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I stumbled upon this Youtube channel called ‘IISUPERWOMANII’ (Click) thanks to a post on Everyday Feminism. It is by Lilly Singh, an entertainer, comedian and rapper from Canada, whose parents are from Punjab, India. She is quite a sensation on Youtube. I was initially apprehensive but as I watched more and more of her videos, I just couldn’t stop laughing. Her videos are about the funny things in everyday life. For example: Don’t we get irritated by certain kind of people on Facebook or twitter? She has videos about that. Don’t we hate the masks that we put on while dating someone? She has a video on how things would be if people were honest while dating :P. She has videos on types of teachers, siblings, friends, parents etc. She has advice to kids whose parents compare them with other kids. She has a lot of videos on Indian culture. She has a special video dedicated to things that Punjabi moms say :D.  She plays her parents in her videos and is absolutely brilliant at it. She is sharp, witty and an amazing observer of little things in life. For the first time in my life, I saw an Indian woman not giving a damn about being graceful or unconventional (nothing wrong with being graceful and conventional though). Her confidence is infectious. She doesn’t apologize for looking messy, loving food, loving sleep, being a misfit..in short for being herself.

I was trying to know more about the person behind the superwoman and what fascinates me is that she started this channel because she was undergoing depression and wanted to make others laugh, so that she could laugh too. What makes her different from other comedians is that she comes across as a feminist. In some of her videos, she says that rape jokes are not funny. She also says that it is completely normal if women choose not to wax. That’s not something you get to hear on ‘popular’ channels. I mean, the other day, I saw a joke where a woman was shamed for being fat and not waxing on a show that’s loved by a billion people.

Lilly also has videos about self-love, confidence etc. If you are someone who gets irritated with self-promotion, wait till you watch Lilly’s videos. She is so cool and creative that even her self-promotion is entertaining. You wouldn’t mind it at all. IMHO, only Robert Downey Jr. has this quality :P.

Lilly Singh is inspiring because we don’t get to see women like her..especially in countries like India. I think, she is a great role model for women especially teenage girls. She is breaking stereotypes. In a country where fair and lovely creams sell like hot cakes, it is nice to see someone so confident..and funny. Seriously, check out her work. You won’t regret it.


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