I was watching a program where the speaker said, “People are actually not comfortable in their comfort zone.” It’s quite thought provoking. My initial response was, “You must be kidding me! I love my comfort zone!” but I realized that I was just trying to justify my beliefs.

We usually think that skipping exercise for a long period of time would be the most comfortable thing ever. But the problem with human beings is that they have a mind and controlling it requires more effort than the effort required for physical exercise. If you think deeply about the usual statements that we hear everyday, like, “She doesn’t want to put in any effort!” or “Doing something new requires you to be uncomfortable,” you will realize that there is an effort required, no matter what you do. My grandfather has to undergo physiotherapy and he is always resisting it with an unbelievable amount of energy. The therapist simply told him, “You have energy and you are making an effort. It’s just that you are doing all that to resist!” Whenever I give into my cravings and make an unhealthy choice, even though I derive pleasure for some time, my mind immediately starts making my life hell. Examples:

1. I feel like a loser because I couldn’t exercise my self-control.

2. In the words of Alan Watts, I worry that I am worried that I am worried. In other words, I’m worried about my health and then, I’m worried because stress is not good for health as well :D. It’s a vicious circle.

3. I will compare myself to healthy people and those who have great self-control. That hurts.

4. I will think about what others say about my health. It makes me miserable.

5. I hate myself more because I am supposed to be enjoying this and I am not. So, I crave for more unhealthy stuff. This is genius because most probably, my craving started because I wanted to feel worthy and after making an unhealthy choice, I feel worthless :P.

I’m just wondering..where exactly is the comfort that I craved for? Can I even call it my comfort zone? Comfort, if I am not wrong, is about making less effort and being less stressed out? How can a smoker chuck out the knowledge that smoking is not bad for his/her health? You do have to make an effort to keep away the worry, right? Even if you don’t care, you will be constantly reminded of your unhealthy choice by others..so how are you going to be comfortable? It requires tremendous self control (oh my God! What did I just write?) to believe that you are going to be okay despite having the knowledge that you are not going to be okay. Maybe we all have self control and it’s just that we exercise it in an unwise way :D?

When we see people bribing, we think that they made this choice because they love their comfort zone. But is it possible to silence your conscience completely (what are you? A robot?)? Can you just chuck out that uncomfortable feeling in your stomach? Can you stop yourself from feeling shame?

Next time you feel that you love your comfort zone, it might make sense to question your beliefs: Is your comfort zone really comfortable?


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