Sit with an old person for 5 minutes and 9 times out of 10, you will hear stuff like, “This generation is only interested in pleasure” or “They just want to enjoy. They don’t want to work hard.” I am not saying that these statements are hogwash but I don’t think this generation even knows what is pleasure (can’t comment on other generations). I say this despite the access to porn (Exception: Indians :D), wonderful delicacies around the world, rise in the standard of living that gives access to almost all kinds of pleasures in the world, etc. Logically speaking, this should not be the case! We should be having the time of our lives!

I haven’t really ‘enjoyed’ eating food. What I mean is, I eat food and I crave for food but I eat the way I have been conditioned to eat: I don’t experience it deeply, I don’t try to explore the taste with curiosity, I don’t wonder about the creativity of nature. I just eat it like a robot. And yet, I say I like food! I am sure that there are many people who feel the same. We eat food but we don’t understand that there is more to food than the taste.

I read this book called ‘How to think like Leonardo Da Vinci’ wherein the author says that we don’t really ‘feel’ much through our senses. He recommends various exercises to start feeling through our senses and it is tragic because it’s supposed to be natural! The color of our bed-sheets doesn’t really excite us because we have stopped exploring things visually. We don’t care about the various shades of the same color. Ironically, we keep saying that visual things are more important in this modern age!

I always felt that there’s something ‘off’ about people obsessing over something. I feel that if a culture talks a lot about how ‘awesome’ or ‘important’ something is, the less it is actually enjoying or valuing it. If you truly enjoy something, why would you feel the need to aggressively talk about it? Yes, one can say that some people want to share the joy that they derived from doing or having something but when it becomes an obsession, there’s something not right. Maybe, you are not truly enjoying that particular activity. For example: I see many people advising introverts to have fun which is fine. But some of them are so aggressive. If you are truly having fun at that party of yours, why would you mock those who don’t want to attend it? Similarly, if solitude is so divine, why do you feel the need to mock those who don’t value it? Is your aggressiveness a way of hiding your pain? Maybe, we don’t really know how to enjoy and that’s why we talk a lot about pleasure.


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