You say that you follow your parents, your society, your leader, etc because you don’t know. But no matter whom you follow, you are ultimately following your own self or your own judgement. It’s like making a choice: just because you sit around doing nothing it doesn’t mean that you are not making a choice. Doing nothing is also doing. Not making a decision is ALSO a decision! People smartly try to outsource their responsibility by saying that they did what they did because X, Y or Z told me them to. They say that they don’t know. Just pause for a minute and ask yourself: how do you know that you don’t know? You say that you follow the majority because you cannot think for yourself. My question is: how do you KNOW that the majority is right and you are wrong? This is also YOUR opinion because saying that you don’t know is also a form of knowledge.

If I say that I blindly follow a celebrity because I am not as wise as her then am I not saying that I KNOW what wisdom actually is? If I make someone my teacher or a guru because I know that he/she is enlightened then am I not saying that I KNOW what enlightenment is? If I feel inferior because someone is more intelligent than me then am I not saying that I have the ability to understand intelligence?

The Ego is very smart. Its job is to convince you that what it knows is 100 percent truth. Because of the harsh reality, the ego cannot do its job properly: despite its constant advertisements about our superiority, we encounter people who are ‘better’ than us. So, it takes another route: it convinces us that it knows that it doesn’t know. Notice how certain it is about its lack of knowledge. But you can be only certain if you KNOW something! We feel that we are not one of those “Know it all” kind of people but in reality, we are always trying to prove that our knowledge about ourselves, people and the world is the truth. That is the reason why people get offended when you insult their favorite celebrities. It’s not about the celebrities: it’s what we think we know. If I like the Oscars and you say that Oscars are a joke in the name of awards, I will become aggressive because it is *I* who judged the Oscars as great even though on surface it seems as if I’m one of those masses who blindly follow the authorities.


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