Being a celebrity is not easy. There is no doubt that there are a lot of privileges but celebrities get them at a cost.

If you speak up for a social issue, you will be viewed with suspicion. People will say that you are doing it for publicity. And if you don’t, people will criticize you for not being a socially responsible citizen. Either way, you are the one who is at fault.

If you share your innermost feelings with public, people might say that you are doing it to earn brownie points and sympathy. But if you don’t share any real feelings, you will be criticized for being ‘fake.’

When it comes to actors, people forget that they are also human beings. It is almost as if playing fictional characters on screen makes your life less ‘real.’ People often treat actors as property or objects. They are public figures not public property. If actors experiment with new kind of roles, people won’t watch them and then they complain about actors not backing great scripts.

You don’t know whether a person REALLY loves you. Because of your social status and power, many people want to associate with you but very few will stay during your tough times. This makes you vulnerable.

As this brilliant article (Click) by the SCHOOL OF LIFE points out, many obsess about fame because people didn’t treat them nicely. But when you become famous, people can be more nasty as you make them feel insecure.

Even though most of us want to feel superior to others, after a point, we get tired of this game. We realize that what we actually want is understanding and love. We realize that love is always between equals. But when you are a celebrity, you are put on a high pedestal and cultivating normal relationships becomes difficult.

People assume that you are having a great time even though you have your own share of problems. Your pain will be always compared with ‘ordinary’ people and trivialized because celebrities are not supposed to complain. They are famous and that is enough to heal their pain!

You are supposed to be perfect. Most of us do stuff that is inappropriate but if celebrities do it, we troll them. You have to be humble all the time even though it’s just not possible. If you are a little arrogant someday (we all do), you will be called a douchebag. You cannot make mistakes. If you mess up, your ‘loyal’ fans might desert you. Some fans will hold you responsible for their broken dreams. People want to realize their unfulfilled dreams through you and you better live upto their standards. People use your sins and mistakes to boost their egos. In a way, people bully you. They enjoy watching you fall because that’s the only way they can deal with their insecurities.

You are constantly made to feel guilty for all social evils in the world. People who do this are often those who perpetuate these evils. They sit comfortably in front of a computer and don’t even hesitate while bribing a government official. People project their own flaws onto you and then, crucify you.

People who don’t know you act as if they know you more than you know yourself. Imagine a complete stranger walking upto you and giving you advice about your personal life! Of course, every neighbor does this but to have a strong opinion about someone whom you haven’t even met? That’s the most fascinating and terrifying thing about being a celebrity.

When we talk about compassion, love and empathy, more often than not we do not include celebrities because we think that they already have these. But isn’t it a little insensitive and hypocritical when we say stuff like, “Happiness doesn’t come from material things” and when it comes to conversations about suffering, we conveniently ignore celebrities because we sort of assume that material success would have given them happiness?


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