How would you react on seeing a doctor who is always sick? You would be surprised because only when the doctors protect themselves can they protect someone else. Why don’t we apply the same principle to other areas of doctors’ lives?

This particular hospital in my locality believes in serving people selflessly. It offers low cost health care to everyone. The problem with the hospital is that it pays less to the doctors as it believes in values not profit. Few doctors serve with the hospital’s philosophy in mind while most of them resort to unethical practices. Some of them call the patients again and again for ‘check-ups’ while others don’t even bother to treat the patients carefully. A neighbor of mine told me that a doctor from the hospital prescribed her medicines for diabetes even though her blood sugar was normal! My own mother suffered because the incompetency of one of the doctors. Isn’t it ironical that a hospital that believes in putting others before self is doing more harm than good? Now, I don’t want to generalize all the doctors in the hospital but it got me thinking about the idea of forcing someone to be selfless.

We human beings get too caught up in “How things should be” and sometimes, that costs lives. Doctors are expected to have noble intentions. In the above case, no one forced the doctors to work at this hospital. If they want to make more money, they can open their own private clinic. But isn’t the hospital and the public also responsible for this? Ideally, a doctor must put others before self. But he/she is human being at the end of the day. He/She has a family too and like everybody else, he/she wants the best for them. Isn’t it a little unrealistic and even insensitive to expect doctors to be perfect human beings? Moreover, can you actually change people? Is it possible to create an atmosphere of selflessness though strict rules? Sure, everybody will follow rules but once they find a way to cheat, they won’t hesitate. Because what motivates them is fear and not love. Rules are important. They can prevent a person from hitting or killing someone but what they cannot do is create respect and love for another human being. We can inspire people but ultimately, it is they who choose or reject love. People have to find that love within themselves. You cannot do that by putting a gun on their head.

If you love someone, don’t expect him/her to ‘sacrifice’ himself/herself for you. Because if they do, it is YOU who might suffer in the end.


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