Offering help is considered noble and virtuous in most cultures. The reason is clear: if we have to survive as a society, we need to help others. Because of this belief, most of us hesitate while asking for help. We are taught that those who give are selfless while those ask or take are selfish. But this is an ego trip. When you hesitate too much while asking for help (assuming that those who are going to offer help are in a position to help you), you are, in fact, in hold of your ego. Ego always wants to be superior to others. If you “ask” for help, you won’t be superior anymore. The other person is more powerful than you and that’s something the ego doesn’t want. When a person in suffering reaches out to others for help, he is actually rising above his/her ego. He doesn’t care about his reputation.This person must be respected and if possible, offered help. In a way, suffering brings us together: we are no longer worried about our social status or power games. Suffering has the power to humble the ego. Who is more egoistic and selfish? Someone who is too proud to ask for help or someone who understands that a truly compassionate person gives love to himself as well? If your compassion excludes your own self, most probably, your compassion is based on ego. If your compassion excludes others, most probably, your compassion is based on your ego.


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