Dear Parent(s),*

Let me confess this. Even though I cringe when you gossip or trade your authenticity for society’s ‘respect’ or brag about the hypocritical Indian culture, I secretly feel good when you do all this. I feel good when I realize that you are bigoted. I feel good when I encounter proof of your bad parenting.

If you are a bad, insensitive, inauthentic, bigoted human being, it means you are morally inferior than me (I am of course a ‘good’ person!). I want to feel superior to you because that’s the only way I can convince myself that your opinion about me doesn’t matter. If you are morally inferior, then I don’t have to feel bad about you not liking me. The more I say that I hate you, the more I actually want your appreciation. Deep down, I am afraid that you are not as bad as I portray you to be. This is my way of hiding the truth…from you and myself. This is my way of dealing with rejection. I reject you before you reject me. This is also a way of blaming you so that I don’t have to take any responsibility of my life.

*I guess you can replace parents with anybody you ‘hate.’


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