Dear aunty who gave me some gyaan about how I should treat servants/drivers/people from low income groups,

I’m sorry but I don’t see any reason why the woman who works as a maid is inferior to me. I don’t understand why the man who works as a driver is ‘below’ me. No, the person who works as a waiter is not a piece of shit. I hate it when the old man who works as a watchman folds his hands and treats the employers like Kings/Queens. The smug that people have when they show these people their ‘aukaat’? Yes, I enjoyed that for a long time and I probably still do. Conditioning is hard to get rid of but I’m not interested in these power games.

Can you give me logic behind treating people like this besides a hunger for power? Is your life so pathetic that your happiness is dependent on putting someone down? When this doesn’t work, you try another clever trick: you treat these people nicely so that you become a great person in the eyes of the society.

You shame these people because you are actually afraid of them. You know that given a chance, they would achieve the things that you have. Deep down, you are insecure.Your shaming is nothing but a strategy to make them diffident. You very well know that the day these people start respecting themselves, it will be an end to your dictatorship.

Next time you think of using ‘Kaamwali Bai’ or ‘Driver’ as an insult, do ask yourself: what exactly about them is inferior? We need all kinds of people to run the world.


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