A mob killed a Muslim man because there were rumors of him having eaten beef. Some Indians threw bottles on the cricket ground because Indian players were not playing well. If someone criticizes India’s Prime Minister, he/she will be abused by his followers. An actor whom people don’t personally know was convicted and his fans were vouching for his innocence. It’s amazing how human beings react to complete strangers.

 It’s quite understandable if your happiness depends on your loved ones doing something for you but reacting strongly to a stranger’s actions? Why do we care so much about what strangers think? I mean, in case of internet, the stranger is not even in front of you and yet people behave so aggressively towards them. What compels us to do this?
We also have a tendency to share some personal things with strangers. In a way, sharing your feelings with a stranger is easier. You don’t know what they think of you. You might not meet them again and that gives you freedom. Even if you end up sharing something shameful or embarrass yourself, it won’t matter because that person will be gone forever.
The answer to this could be loneliness, excitement and hope. Sometimes, we are unable to connect with people around us. They are too judgmental and that forces us to look for connections elsewhere. Being aggressive and judging celebrities is also a part of this. When our close relationships are not working out, we feel powerless. By judging someone’s actions, by winning a debate with a stranger, we feel a sense of control and power. The more we judge others, the more lonely we actually are. The need to judge is not intense when you are happy.
If a person feels the need to prove himself to complete strangers then we need to understand that he is actually disconnected with himself and people around him.
Our relationship with strangers reveals how satisfied we are with our loved ones or with our own selves. If we want to fight for the rights of strangers or give them because of our overflowing love, then most probably, we are satisfied with who we are or/and have healthy relationships. If we look at strangers with an “us v/s them” mentality and think that there is no need for us to care about society then it is not because we love your families, it’s probably because we have some issues with your loved ones.

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