If you say that you are too ugly and that no one will accept you, you are not just talking about yourself, you are also saying a lot about what you believe about the world. In a way, you are saying that everybody on the planet will only judge you by the way you look and nothing else!

When an artist resigns from her job and decides to pursue art full time, she is not just trusting herself..she is also trusting the world. She is trusting that there will be a bunch of people out there who will pay for her art. Without that trust, she won’t take that risk.

If you are always anxious and feel that everybody is manipulating you then you are not just revealing your anxious persona, you are also saying that you don’t trust the world. You are actually saying that everybody except you is a cheat.

Your self-esteem is not just a statement about yourself, it is a statement about the world. If you are confident about yourself and feel that you deserve love, you are also, in a way, saying that there are people out there who will love you.

If you are always worried about someone laughing at you, it is not just your self-esteem that is the problem…somewhere, you have a low opinion of others as well. It is kind of arrogant to think that everybody you meet is only capable of mocking you. In a way, lack of confidence makes you egoistic. Needless to say, it makes you self-obsessed as well. The only thing you think about is what other people are thinking about you and that’s kind of selfish.


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