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I was changing channels on TV and I stumbled upon the movie. I decided to check out what the fuss was all about. To my surprise, the movie is not THAT bad. I expected it to be very cliched but it wasn’t. I decided to read the book because there was something about the story that clicked.

I don’t know why I never read this book. It was probably because it is about teenagers who were suffering who are suffering from cancer. I am not a teenager and anything related to death scares me. But I decided to make an exception for this one.
I have watched few popular American teenage shows and movies and they were sort of divided into two: One type is the conventional Disney kind and the other is full of drugs, sex, violence etc (except Daria?). But this book/movie is different. I mean, most of the American book/ shows (young adult genre) that I came across were so aggressive about sexuality but this story is different (okay, I have stopped watching TV or TV shows for sometime my opinion may not be applicable anymore)
The female protagonist is not extraordinary and the coolest thing about her is that she doesn’t care about her ordinariness. For the first time in an American story (for me), teenagers have a mature conversation. This book also honors the introverts (not always, but in most cases). The teenage girl is not partying, she is shy and mostly reading books. The couple’s conversations were always about books or about life. She doesn’t care about the American Dream, she wants to make HER world beautiful.
The story moved me. It taught me that on your deathbed, your biggest regret may not be about other people not respecting you or that other people have not loved you. The biggest regret would be that you didn’t respect yourself and love others.

2 thoughts on “‘The Fault in Our Stars’: Book and Movie

  1. I’m glad you liked it. I tried it and couldn’t get past the public making out scenes. I think it was outside their meeting centre? Unfortunately it out me off too much. (Am I getting old?) would you say the movie is close to the book?


  2. Haha, perhaps you are talking about the supporting characters? The lead characters make out but not outside the center :P. To be very honest, even I didn’t like the public making out scenes :D…so, I’m getting old too! Anyway, I guess I managed to finish the book because the characters didn’t pity themselves. They had a lot of self respect. Plus, I liked the writing style. It is not flawless though.

    The movie has changed some things..but the essence and feel of the book is there.


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