I admire a lot of celebs. Some of them inspire me. Some of them don’t. But I don’t want to have an extreme opinion about people I don’t know. In fact, I am not sure if I completely know those who are close to me. At the end of the day, I don’t know any human being completely.

Not reacting to celebs saves a lot of my energy and time. I cannot control what they do and devoting so much of energy on something that is completely out of my control is not an intelligent idea. It sort of makes me lazy.  Spending so much of effort fighting something that I cannot control makes me irresponsible. By pointing fingers at others, I don’t have to look at my own flaws.

Of course, I still talk about their ideas and opinions but commenting on their intentions and character is something I wish to discontinue.

I refuse to call someone an ‘anti-national’ or a ‘hero.’  Earlier, I spent my time slamming those who slammed celebs but I realized that even that is a waste of time. Reacting to people’s reactions is equally toxic.

Anger is important in some cases. But sometimes it can be used to fool yourself. Anger meseductive. It makes you feel self-righteous. But I am not going to fall into this trap again.

More than anything, the need to feel outraged against total strangers says a lot about MY life. Why do I feel the need to give a verdict on a stranger’s character? It is understandable if he/she is a person whom I meet daily…but why do I love pulling a stranger down? Maybe, it gives me some sort of perverse pleasure.

I will remind myself that they are human beings too. Just because they are public figures doesn’t mean I treat them like public property. They don’t owe anything to me..it was my choice to make them famous.

Maybe they are not strangers, maybe they are my heroes. But they don’t have to live up to their image in my mind. Expecting someone to be perfect is dehumanizing and cruel.


One thought on “Why I don’t want to debate about celebs

  1. I don’t get celebrity gossip either.

    All I care about is whether the product is good. If he releases a killer album, I’ll listen. Whatever crap s/he’s doing in his/her spare time – not my demons. I don’t care about what the guy who built my house does in his spare time – why should I care about the girl who makes the music I like?


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