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Note: This post MAY contain spoilers but I guess the plot is pretty predictable so really, it doesn’t matter.

‘Tamasha’ is about Ved played by Ranbir Kapoor and no wait, there is Tara played by Deepika but she is hardly there. Here role is like a supporting role. There are no real supporting characters in the movie. So, Ved is a product manager who lives a boring corporate life. One day, he decides to go on a vacation. There, he helps Tara but before she introduces herself he asks her to pause and consider the situation: They are in Corsica, France. What happens when a man and a woman meet? They introduce themselves and are nice with each other. Then man tries to woo woman and they end up in bed. Ved wants to do something different. What if they don’t reveal their true identity? And he also promises that he won’t sleep with her during the trip. Tara likes the idea and everything goes as per plan. Well, almost. This reminded me of the way we present ourselves in the virtual world. How we sometimes tend to have false identities online.

After the trip, they return to their worlds. Tara’s career is hardly given any time while Ved’s product manager life is shown in detail. Tara still loves Ved..even after 4 years since the trip!  She managed to traces him somehow and they meet. They start dating. After the initial excitement, Tara realizes that Ved is actually not the same person she met on the trip. The REAL Ved is well-behaved, obedient and has no passion. She breaks up with him.

Like I said, the movie has no story about Tara. It’s similar to ‘Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani’ where Deepika’s career was not given so much importance. Secondly, the movie does get boring sometimes. Also, the film tends to be too dramatic. A corporate life can be boring, but sometimes, you can find solutions to boredom with your creativity too. Why do all ‘coming of age’ films feel that creativity is only reserved for special careers like filmmaking, theatre or photography? Sure, they ARE creative but
a) many people turn boring things creative
b) not everybody can follow their dreams (the way it is shown in movies)
c) Those who don’t follow their dreams invest in the projects of those who are following their dreams..both are important.

Having said that, I do understand that the makers are not against corporate per se, it’s about interest. Ved DOESN’T have any interest in his work, so I guess it’s alright to be a little dramatic.

I loved the way they showed a robot and a clown and the tension between the two. The robot is a person who runs the race, has a job, has no passion etc while clown is the creative one. Unfortunately, the sad truth about life is that even in the job which you love, there are robotic, monotonous elements as well. They are not mutually exclusive.

I must say that Ranbir has done a fabulous job. Deepika also tries hard to produce something out of her non-existent role…she is not bad!

The characters are also pretty hackneyed…I mean, why does every corporate boss have to be a manipulative dictator who doesn’t care about the human being in the employee? Isn’t that a cliche? There are many corporate bosses who are nice and inspiring.

I guess, ‘Tamasha’ is a one time watch with few memorable moments.


3 thoughts on “Thoughts on ‘Tamasha’

    1. Yeah, very sad. And sometimes, when the movie is good, you don’t know what to do: on one hand you like the movie, on the other hand, you are pissed off with the woman’s role.


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