Photo: NDTV

Usually, we judge people by the results that they produce. How well is their plan working? How much are they earning? Have they improved? Are they getting things done? But there are few people who are beyond success and failure. You don’t feel like judging them by their results. It’s simply because their choices are so inspiring. It doesn’t matter if their choices work or not, but it’s just the courage: to risk and move out of their comfort zone. They have this strong conviction and they passionately believe in what they do. If you are going to judge someone, judge them by the amount of risk they are willing to take (I don’t mean recklessness). Judge a person by the amount of confidence he has in making tough choices. Because a person who moves out of comfort zone out of choice and not because she is forced to, has the ability to get through tough times. On the other hand, someone who is only obsessed about success doesn’t really know how to handle failure which is inevitable. A person who is only confident when the world is praising him will become insecure when he is criticized or when things are not going his way.  A person who is confident about what she is doing won’t get swayed away by success or failure.

P.S. I feel that Ranbir Kapoor and Johnny Depp are like the confident people mentioned above. Hope they are not judged by their box office figures only.

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