I was very excited when I first heard the news about Epic Channel’s new show on Indian mythology. I am a big fan of Devdutt’s books as well as his CNBC show. But unfortunately, his new show is underwhelming. Maybe because I have read a lot of his books and the content of the show is mostly from them or maybe it was something else. I felt that the clarity that Devdutt has, in his writing as well as his previous TV show, is missing this time. I am feeling bad for those who haven’t read them and will be judging him only by this show.

Devdutt’s biggest strength is insights but in this show he is mostly reduced to imparting information and not wisdom. I mean, anybody can gather information about scriptures (I’m not saying it in easy) but not everybody can extract wisdom from them. Personally speaking, I don’t care much about how much knowledge Devdutt has..I am more interested in the way he tries to deconstruct the hidden meanings of forms. We mostly take everything in mythology literally but when you take everything as a metaphor, you start looking at things in a different way. That’s why I’m a fan of Maria Popova, the founder of Brainpickings. She is a curator of knowledge and in an age where there is so much of knowledge, a person who gives a meaning and form to knowledge is more valuable.
Having said that, I’m still a fan of Devdutt because a bad show can’t undo the great work he has done in the field of mythology.

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