There is something happening in this moment that I am missing. As I am typing this, there are so many systems at work. My mind and my body have their systems. Obviously, they are doing something right because I’m alive at the moment and I’m typing is.

My computer is also a system. It’s amazing how I have taken the computer for granted. Forget computer, why doesn’t electricity fascinate me? I know it has become a daily part of our lives and I know there are books that explain the science behind all this but still, something about this is mind-boggling.
In religion, people are told that when they will find ‘God’, they will know what love is. They say that this ‘impure’ world cannot give you that amount of love. While I cannot say for sure whether they are right or wrong but I do see a lot of love in this impure world too. If I as a woman, have some freedom and rights today, then it’s because many women and men fought for it decades and centuries ago. There are men and women out there who are fighting for the rights of complete strangers. There are so many other examples.
 Some spiritual people promise you to take you to some ‘ magical realms’ which they call the ‘other world.’ But can you be more happy there? After sometime, you get used to miraculous things..what will you do then?
A question arises: Why do we crave for magic? Why do we crave for miracles? Is it because of the need for power? Or is it because of a childlike curiosity? If it’s the latter then you don’t really have to go to ‘another world’ because there are so many magical things happening right now…like the ones I mentioned at the beginning of the post. If it’s power then comes another question: Power to do what? Through magic, we want to turn the impossible into possible, right?  Maybe, we are missing something. If magic is easily available, it won’t be fun. Interestingly, isn’t that the goal of magic? To do things easily? If somebody reads a 1000 pages book in an hour (just an example), then we will call it magic, but the person’s happiness is coming from the fact that reading 1000 pages in an hour is NOT possible.
Happiness cannot be found in magic alone because the value of magic comes from its opposite. In other words: There can be no extraordinary things without ordinary stuff.

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