Alain De Botton says that the new generation has a unique challenge. Older generations believed in God and their lives were designed around the concept. But now, religion is being questioned. God is being questioned. But what do we do with the void? Questioning God is a sign of rising intellect but what about the emotional part of us? Do we have a sophisticated replacement?

When you believe in a God, you feel emotionally secure. You have a sense of direction because you just have to follow the scriptures. But if you are not a believer then you have no book, no road-map, no rules, nothing at all. You don’t know anything for sure. You don’t know how to define yourself. I mean, the way you look at yourself changes when you know something about the universe.
Maybe we were not prepared for such a massive shift in our way of thinking. Maybe, our emotional selves still desire a father or mother like figure.
We are not talking about the ‘correctness’ or ‘truthfulness’ of the idea of God here because that’s secondary. What’s more important is that probably, the concept of God was a response to our emotions (I am not saying that the concept of God is false or true. I neither believe nor disbelieve in God). And that emotional self still wants a solution.  The modern mind will not go back to that old religious self but it certainly needs something  new.
I guess we should be a little kind while judging the new generation because it’s actually pretty  scary to lose everything that was considered sacred by the previous generations.

5 thoughts on “Living without God

      1. Hmm, well I certainly don’t think of anything as a replace for a God in my life. It’s simply that the void doesn’t even exist. I suppose if I could address some higher being it would be nature itself. The Earth was very old before humans even came to be, we are simply a blip in time for this planet. I find peace in this and all that this Earth has to offer. There is so much more than this Earth. So much more than the human being species. I simply can not believe that some human created it all. I will never be able to believe such a thing. So, if I can see and experience as much of this planet that it has to offer, my soul is at peace.
        I should also mention that the only “life after death” scenarios I believe in are organ donation, and the concept of biodegradable urns, in which your ashes are buried with the seed of a tree and your are ‘planted’. I think that’s a beautiful thing, to give back to the planet that gave you life.

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    1. Purpose, curiosity and nature are truly fulfilling. Your thoughts reminded me of a book where the protagonist is a botanist. She says that she doesn’t feel the need to experience spiritual miracles or find another spiritual realms because the Earth itself is full of magic…Her field is so much vast that one life is not enough.

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