Depression is a cycle. Sometimes, you expect a lot from life and you get disappointed. Since you cannot get the big things in life, you start thinking that there is no point in doing small things. So slowly, you stop paying attention to small things. You don’t bother about mundane things. You do this everyday for many months. After sometime, either you notice or somebody points out to you about these small things. Then, you get more depressed because now, you cannot even do small things like calling up an electrician. This inability to do small things in turn makes you feel like a loser and so you think that if you cannot even do small things, how can you do big things? You are completely trapped. You don’t do small things because you want to do big things but you don’t do big things because you cannot do small things.

The solution? Maybe, we need to start with small things. Challenge yourself at a small level. When you reach small targets, you move on to big. That’s one of the ways to break the cycle.


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