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As I have already written in my previous post, ‘Mindset’ is a brilliant book that talks about the two kind of mindsets that people generally have (read the post here). If you are too bored to read the previous post, then here’s a visual explaining Dweck’s idea:

Though the visual only talks about intelligence, this book is broader than that. In fact, there is a whole chapter about how these mindsets affect our relationships.

As I was reading the book, I kept thinking that one can use the whole idea of ‘effort’ in a fixed way too. One can say: Since I don’t make a lot of effort, I am loser. Since I am unable to work hard, I’m a loser. Since I’m not passionate, I’m boring. Thankfully, Dweck addresses this issue in the book and says that this is superficial application of growth mindset. If you truly believe in growth mindset then you won’t worry about your ‘ability’ to work hard. She gives examples of those who want to quit smoking and lose weight. They are very excited in the beginning but after a while, they can’t maintain self-control and are back to square one. Then they feel terrible about themselves for their lack of will power. But those who have growth mindset know that will power is not a fixed ability and it can be changed. So yes, if you truly understand the growth mindset, you can shift your way of thinking.

This is a non-fiction book and it has a lot of research. And yet, it is one of those rare self-improvement/Psychology books that has the ability to move you.


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