The title of the post is my subjective opinion and you may not agree with me. But I do believe that there is something good in every book, not because of the famous “finding good in everything” kind of belief but only because there is a subconscious element to writing. There is something bigger than you which guides you when you write. Of course, not every writer taps into this but no matter how ‘commercial’ a writer is, writing IS a solitary exercise. But then, solitude is not just physical, right? You can live in a secluded hut but your mind can still be conditioned. But I do believe that the more you write, the greater the possibility of you getting out of your conditioned mind.

The other reason why I don’t want to close my mind to any book is probably mystical. We usually have fixed ideas about the sources that can give us happiness, wisdom or solutions to our problems. But sometimes, answers or joy come from the most unexpected places. A book may be bad, but sometimes it can turn out to be the perfect book at a particular time of your life.


2 thoughts on “There is no such thing as a bad book

  1. my mother dreads reading long narratives of any kind, so novels are out of the question. She does enjoy short stories though because they are more practical and to-the-point (at least the conventional ones). So she has this habit of opening up some random page of a book of short stories or maybe a religious book – and she swears by this practice as it has always helped her find some sort of answer or direction in life. This happens with me too sometimes where something that has been haunting my mind perpetually and causing much cognitive dissonance is suddenly answered through reading of some sort, never mind the source. So i think this might be true beyond the sphere of just books, i guess all reading (including reading contents of a tube of toothpaste) can have its use – if not very actively, like in massive life-changing proportions, then simply to maybe break our flow sometimes and force us to think of things we don’t generally care to wonder about – so just for mental aerobics maybe.


    1. Wow, your mother must be very spiritual, maybe not in a conventional way, but in a different way.

      It seems you are very open and trusting and that’s why you get the right answers 🙂

      Yes, even I believe that the source doesn’t have to be just books. In fact, this could be applied to people as well. Sometimes people can surprise us, not because of “no human being is completely bad” belief. Sometimes, people who we thought could never understand our ideas or emotions, may end up surprising us! Sometimes the people who we think are ‘immature’ end up giving us wise advice!


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