‘Tamanna’ is a new TV show on Star Plus. I have stopped watching TV since a long time but this show made me curious because I like cricket. It’s about a woman who aspires to be a female cricketer but her family wants her to get married. Stories like these are obviously not new but this show is (surprisingly) not bad.

I expected this show to be melodramatic and boring. Except the background score which is like all saas-bahu serials, this show is quite subtle (in comparison to loud TV soaps). And the acting is pretty good too (till now).

The story is conventional but it is still important. I don’t know how the show will progress though. I hope the makers don’t turn it into one of those annoying television soaps that we still get to see everyday.

I was wondering why they chose cricket. I mean, the sport is already popular. But then I felt that it is not a bad idea. In ‘The Power of Habit,’ Charles Duhigg says that to cultivate a new habit, you have to sandwich the new habit in between old habits. Cricket is an old habit and feminism is new (for Indian television)..so, I hope people take the message seriously.


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