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This adorable and witty book is about a eleven year old girl named Harriet M. Welsch who wants to be a writer. She observes every little thing about people who are around her and people whom she doesn’t even know. After school, she puts on her ‘spy clothes’ and secretly follows people, listens to their conversations and then, notes down comments immediately. Now, the problem is that Harriet cannot lie. Most of her observations are mean. One day, her classmates get their hands on her notebook. That notebook has a lot of observations about them and when they find out that Harriet writes rude comments about them…what do they do?.To find out, you have to read the book.

Harriet is confident, cocky, mean, intelligent and passionate. She is such a cool spy that she follows a strict routine and enjoys it. She is meticulous in her spying and her writing. This is a children’s novel and I’m so glad that the writer didn’t feel the need to have a ‘good’ and ‘nice’ protagonist. Harriet is not likable. I hated her comments but I ended up loving her. I found this book in a feminist reading list and I believe it deserves a place there. Because you don’t have to have books about nice women or girls to talk about feminism.

This book is not just for children (Harriet will be very angry if you think this way and YOU will be angry for thinking this way when you finish this book).


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