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‘Fangirl’ is a story of Cath, an introverted teenager who also happens to suffer from Social Anxiety Disorder and has almost no friends. But on the internet, she is a celebrity. She writes fan-fiction. She loves writing but she doesn’t create new worlds, she manipulates the existing ones. She has a twin sister named Wren who is outgoing, fashionable and confident. They both join University of Nebraska–Lincoln. The story is about how Cath deals with her fears and finds love, friendship and purpose.

I picked up the book because of the introverted and nerdy character and I must say that the writer does an excellent job in describing the quiet inner worlds of introverts. The contrast between the extroverts and introverts and the way the characters build bridges to learn from each other is beautiful.

The book also has Cath’s love-story and to be very honest, I was not bowled over by it. Also, every chapter has Cath’s fan-fiction which I found rather dull. I also felt that the book lost pace in the middle and it kind of dragged on.

It’s a nice tribute to the internet, writers, nerds and introverts, though.


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