Yes, this book is by the VJ/Actor Ayushmann Khurrana and I didn’t even know it existed. I must mention here that I have not seen his movies (not even ‘Vicky Donor’), but I liked him as a host/VJ on MTV. I thought it would be interesting to read about a book by a Bollywood celeb because that is something I have never done.

In this book, Ayushmann gives a lot of ‘gyaan’ to those who want to become actors in Bollywood and I was of course not interested in that. He gives a lot of gyaan about life too and it is honestly pretty cliched. But what’s nice about the book is his honesty and sincerity. He praises himself (when he feels deserving) and also shares his worst failures.

The book also gives a glimpse of the struggle of thousands of youngsters to become actors in the Hindi Film Industry…there are people who have been auditioning for roles since decades and they are still looking for a ‘break.’ I guess this is not just about actors…many people in different fields dream about something. Thankfully, Ayushmann is pragmatic and he urges youngsters to be realistic as well. He, however, doesn’t want people to give up on their dreams. He believes that people can do what they love, in their current circumstances too. He gives his own example: He always wanted to be an actor, but he knew that he couldn’t get an acting job in one day. He became a RJ first and then a VJ and then switched to acting. Even though he didn’t want to be a RJ, he gave his 100 percent to his job and looked for things that could contribute to his dream of becoming an actor. Even after the success of ‘Vicky Donor’, Ayushmann worked as an assistant director on ‘Madras Cafe’ because he always wants to learn.

Despite all the cliches, Ayusmann’s book is not a bad read.  Especially if you are a Ayushmann Khurrana fan.


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