I recently installed this app called ‘The Mindfulness Bell’ and I am loving it. It is a very simple app, actually. As the name suggests, it is to cultivate the habit of awareness and patience. You can set the bell as per your convenience: you can as it to ring every hour or 35 minutes or  every 10 minutes or 4 hours.

How is it different from alarm? The bell only rings once. When I used to practice one minute meditation, I used to activate the alarm and if I was away from my phone,  my family used to suffer (my brother was so irritated that he deactivated all the alarms throughout the day without even telling me!) One can’t remember to always deactivate the alarm. Needless to say, things are more difficult when you are outside your house. But when there is only one ring, it doesn’t really disturb anyone because people are used to notification sounds.

There is one thing which I feel is very important. One has to pause the second the bell rings. When I am working, I say,  “Let me finish this one bit and then I will pause.” It’s normal to do this but I feel it is more effective when you pause with the bell.  When you apply a sudden brake to your mind, which keeps thinking and thinking, you are, in a way, making it powerful. When you do this again and again, you slowly gain the power to withdraw your mind from what’s happening around you. If you can pause at will, you can probably handle a lot of shit in life. When you stop suddenly, you kind of get used to uncertainty. You may become more open about change.

This simple app has the potential to make serious shifts in mindset.


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