Expectations are an integral part of life. We expect things and other expect things from us. Those who are mature find a way to find happiness while fulfilling other’s expectations and if they cannot do that, they let the other person know that it is not possible for them to do what they are expected to do. But there are some who fall prey to the expectations game. They end up getting manipulated. And there are those who torture themselves in their attempts to fulfill expectations.

It’s tempting to believe that if you do a particular thing, people will love you. If you are facing societal pressure for not doing something that you are expected to do, you start thinking that if only you do this ONE thing, EVERYTHING will be fine. A good example of this is the Indian men’s cricket team. Before they won the world cup in 2011, the belief was that if they JUST win the world cup, EVERYTHING will be fine. Well, everything WAS fine and amazing…but only for six months. After some time, the ‘world cup’ fever died down. Yes, India had won the world cup, but what next? What was unbelievable was that the same people who worshiped the players, cursed them and called them the ‘worst players of all time’. But this is not the end. The same players were praised again when they started performing well. But when they failed again, some of the players’ houses were attacked!

The problem with proving yourself is that you have to do it again and again and again. So if you come across somebody who tells you that if you do X, Y and Z, he/she will love you, then do remember that desires are endless. There is actually NO end to them. The nature of expectations is such that one is never satisfied. Society wants you to get married today, but that’s just the beginning. Tomorrow, you will be asked about kids. And then society will expect things from your kids. And their kids. There are no end to your desire to impress others…and there is no end to people’s expectations from you.


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