The family you were born into is a symbol of things that are not in your control. If things are good, there is no need to control them. But if you don’t like your family, what will you do? Will you wage a battle and try to change them? Will you change yourself? Will you accept them? 

Shakun Batra’s ‘Kapoor and Sons’ is about a dysfunctional family that includes two brothers who don’t really like each other. What’s interesting is that it is a movie by Dharma Productions which is known for melodramatic and unrealistic family films. I happened to watch this film today and I must say that it surpassed my expectations.

Whenever we dream about what we want in future or set goals, we often forget that imperfection is a part of life. We also think that others are having a perfect life, but look closer and you will see that everybody is struggling with something. ‘Kapoor and Sons’ is about this gap. The gap between our dreams and reality, the gap between our idea of somebody’s life and the actual reality of their life. We often think that bridging the gap between  dreams and reality is the secret to happiness. But sometimes, you find love and acceptance without bridging this gap.

Family members have a lot of expectations from each other. Parents expect a lot from children and vice versa. In the film, the mother has a lot of expectations from her elder son…she wants him to be perfect. She kind of loves her other son less, because he is not ‘successful’. But there is something about family, which goes beyond expectations. Maybe, family is about sticking together even if the other person is not behaving the way you want him or her to be. This is not always recommended of course. But if you can afford to do so, you may find something beautiful and precious.

‘Kapoor and Sons’ will make you look at family dynamics in a different way. It is one of the most mature films from Bollywood in recent times.


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