Photo: Amazon

This book is about a spunky nine-year-old girl, whose parents have died. She lives all alone in a house, but has no worries. She has superhuman strength and a lot of money. She doesn’t go to school, but on her friends’ insistence, she does give it a try. Unfortunately, Pippi’s lively mind, which is bubbling with questions, cannot be contained in a classroom. She doesn’t understand society’s rules. She ends up giving money to the thieves who come to steal money from her house! She comes across as obnoxious to ‘graceful’ women, but she is a hero for children because she even saves a boy from bullies. In short, she is a badass girl, who doesn’t give a damn about what people think about her. She does things her way. Pippi doesn’t have conventional knowledge, but she learns all the practical things in life due to her curiosity and determination.

I think both children and adults will enjoy this book. There is a Pippi inside each one of us, but we pretend that we have “grown up”. Since most of us betray this Pippi inside us, we feel jealous when an adult doesn’t care about stifling traditions and rules. We brand unconventional people as ‘abnormal’, but deep inside, we admire their courage to be who they are. We cannot admit this to ourselves of course, and hence, we shame these individuals.

P.S. I just came to know that today is¬†International Children’s Book Day. What a day to finish this book :).


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