Usually, doing something again and again makes an activity boring. There is an exception of course. When you are passionate about something, you want to do the same thing everyday for the rest of your life. But there is another state of mind, which is different from passion. It’s addiction. The fascinating thing about addiction is that you are never tired of repetitive activity. I mean, no matter how much you love Pizza, you will get bored or lose your excitement if you have to eat it everyday, but with addiction, you can’t get enough of the thing/person you are addicted to.

Another interesting thing about addiction is that you are so close to the thing/person and yet far away. If you are obsessed with a person, you may stalk a person and know many things about him/her. And yet, you don’t go too close to the person. Your engagement with the person is superficial because if you know a person deeply, you may find out that the person is different from the image that you have about him/her in your mind. You therefore try to stay away from the person’s real persona and construct an illusionary person in your mind. A compulsive eater spends a lot of time with food, but he/she doesn’t really enjoy it. There is no real experience of different tastes of food items.

The above makes the whole idea about addiction very interesting. Usually we try to beat addiction by focusing on the thing/person we are addicted to. Some parents actually think that cutting off the internet is the solution to internet addiction. It works but only in short term. The reality is that addiction is less about what we are addicted to and more about why we are addicted to something.


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