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I read about this book on Books and Strips blog (click) and found the theme interesting. I really liked Fangirl (click) and since the story is a tribute to geeks/nerds/introverts, I was really keen on reading it. This small book (it is smaller than small) is quite adorable and even though the story revolves around Star Wars fans, it has universal appeal. Don’t worry if you are clueless about Star Wars. I don’t know anything about it (I tried watching one movie and I slept) about it and I still enjoyed it.

‘Kindred Spirits’ is about three strangers who are waiting in line for days to watch the latest Star Wars movie. Watching Star Wars is not a hobby for these three. They are nerds. They are expecting a large crowd, but unfortunately, they are the only ones waiting in the ‘line’. It’s something we all feel, isn’t it? As human beings, we all want to connect with our fellow human beings, but at the same time, we want to be authentic. And when you are passionate about something which is not mainstream, you are torn between your passion and society’s expectations. But ‘Kindred Spirits’ goes much deeper. What if your passion becomes mainstream? Would you feel less alienated? Do nerds secretly feel superior to those who are not ‘real’ geeks or nerds? Maybe this superiority is just a way to numb the pain that comes from years of loneliness? Maybe it is a sweet revenge? These are the kind of questions that Rowell tackles and most of the times, she succeeds.

The only thing that I probably didn’t like was the whole ‘I must Instagram/ tweet this’ stuff. I understand that the story is set in modern age, but somehow I felt that it didn’t suit the characters. But I guess that’s my own prejudice. I have been conditioned to think about geeks/nerds/introverts in a particular way. So, yes, thank you Rainbow Rowell for breaking the stereotype of nerds.


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