There is a thin line of difference between the two. On surface, it is difficult to know whether someone is obsessed with work or just committed to it. In my experience, it all comes down to the ability to let go and relax. If you feel extremely guilty for not working (when you have already worked a lot and fulfilled all your professional commitments), then you are probably a workaholic. A passionate person will give everything he can to his work, but he has a sense of detachment. This detachment is different from indifference. He loves his work/whatever he is passionate about but he doesn’t feel ‘unworthy’ when things don’t work out. A workaholic, on the other hand, is probably trying to escape from things that make her uncomfortable. I guess, this applies to other parts of life too. To love a person, you have to be extremely vulnerable and detached at the same time. Being detached doesn’t mean you love the person less. Detachment comes from an awareness that extreme attachment is actually fear and not love. Without detachment, you can never give freedom to the other person and without freedom, there can be no love. However, avoiding emotions and leaving no room for vulnerability is again fear and not love.


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