Nobody wants to fail in society’s eyes, because society shuns losers. So you vow to become successful/famous/respectable/rich. You feel insignificant and you don’t like that. Becoming successful or popular or rich or respectable could solve the problem. Maybe then, they will like you. So now you are successful/ famous/respectable/rich and people like you. Atleast that’s what they say. But now, you ask: Do they love you or your reputation? Do they love you or your bank account? You feel frustrated because you don’t know whether a person is genuinely nice to you or not. You feel that people are ‘using’ you. This is the worst feeling in the world. Nobody wants to be used because we are human beings not objects. So now, you want to test these people who say that they care about you. And how will your know their true colors? When things are not going well for you. When you fail. Isn’t it interesting? Earlier, you wanted to succeed to win friends. Now you want to fail to meet your real friends…

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